Smart WIFI Pill Dispenser with Alarm DOSECONTROL incl. Free 2 months Premium Service | Model 2021 | Matt cover | English dosage rings | Remote control and notification via Android app

Smart WIFI Pill Dispenser with Alarm DOSECONTROL incl. Free 2 months Premium Service | Model 2021 | Matt cover | English dosage rings | Remote control and notification via Android app

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DOSECONTROL brand new SMART WLAN Automatic electronic pill dispenser - remote control and monitoring by Android application via WLAN connection, data backup and transmission via DoseControl's own data center in Germany, 2 months free premium service, English dosage rings, English customer service for adjustment, maintenance and spare parts, the latest Design 2021 with matte lid

119 € IVA incl.

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Produttore: MedControl Systems


THE FIRST WIFI PILL BOX CONNECTED WITH GERMAN DATA CENTER - the most technologically advanced automatic pill dispenser model 2021 DoseControl with remote control and monitoring, perfect for remote care by relatives or caregivers around your loved ones, helps to adhere to the medication plan and avoid overdosing / double dosing

REMOTE CONTROL AND MONITORING OF DISPENSER VIA WLAN - with the help of Android app you can remotely control the settings of dispensers (programming directly on the dispenser using buttons is no longer necessary) and remotely monitor the dispenser (doses taken, missed doses, empty batteries or lack of medication) via email notifications and push messages. The collected medication data is saved in a DoseControl-owned data center in Germany

RELIABLE REMINDING ON PILL INTAKE AND RELIABLE DISPENSING CONTROL - time-controlled dispensing and reminding of medication, vitamins and other nutritional supplements from 1 to 9 times a day via a bright illumination around the display, sound alarm (3 levels and 3 types)

LARGE BRIGHT LCD DISPLAY WITH FOUR LARGE AND COMFORTABLE BUTTONS FOR EASY OPERATION - due to the extraordinary size and brightness, the information on the display is very easy to read and perfectly clear, there are 4 large buttons on the edge of the display for a convenient time and alarm setting

9 DOSAGE RINGS IN ENGLISH MADE OF DURABLE MATERIAL WITH EXTRA LARGE MEDICATION CONTAINER - Dosage rings for dosing from 1 to 9 times a day, sufficient for a maximum of 28 days when dosing 1 time / day and for a minimum of 3 days when dosing 9 times / day; extra-large pill container with 28 compartments (each compartment can accommodate up to 35 aspirin-sized tablets)

ROBUST CONSTRUCTION, SOLID LID AND BATTERY COMPARTMENT LOCK AS WELL AS A SHIFTABLE LATCH ON THE DISPENSE OPENING FOR PLEASANT OPERATION AND MORE SECURITY - pill dispenser DoseControl has a robust body to ensure secure storage of the medication, the metal key of the transparent cover and battery compartment protects against unauthorized access or accidental mixing / spilling out of pills; for even more comfort, there is a latch on the dispensing opening that can be used in opened or closed



With the help of the app you can control the settings of dispensers (programming directly on the dispenser using buttons is no longer necessary) and monitor the dispenser remotely (doses taken, doses missed, empty batteries or insufficient supply of medicines) via email or push notifications.

The data received via the application is only transmitted via our own and secure DoseControl data center in Germany.

How can our application support the relatives or nursing service providing remote care when caring for your loved ones:

  • Connection to a DoseControl tablet dispenser from model 2021 via WLAN interface
  • Programming the dispenser via app:

 Time is automatically synchronized

 Time format 12 or 24 hours

 Alarm times up to 9 alarms per day

 Alarm strength (low, high, off)

 Tone (acoustic signal, light signal or voice message)

 Duration of the alarm in minutes

  • List of the number of alarms set and times of the respective alarm
  • Time information about the time of the next alarm
  • Overview of the last taken or missed dose on the current day
  • Daily intake overview of taken or missed doses written in a clear calendar (premium service)
  • Remote monitoring via email notifications of taken and missed doses (premium service)
  • Remote monitoring via email notifications about insufficient medication supply (premium service)
  • Remote monitoring via email notifications about dead batteries (premium service)



Time-controlled and safe dispensing of medication - time-adjustable dispensing of 1 up to 9 doses per day; the ONLY prescribed dose for the given day and time (hour and minute) will be dispensed

Simple and safe operation - at the pre-set time, the alarm is triggered and the rotating pill container moves the medication to the dispense opening, the patient simply tips over the dispenser and spills the pills into the hand or other suitable container; the tipping turns off the alarms

Reminding of pills intake - 1 to 9 times during the day using built-in visual alarm (illumination around the display), acoustic alarm (3 tone levels - high, low, off) and built-in messages; the reminders last up to 30 minutes, after the alarm goes off

Rotating removable pill container with 28 compartments - each spacious compartment can hold up to 35 aspirin-sized tablets; the container can be removed to prepare the supply of medication

9 durable, labelled dosage rings in English - are placed on the container to refill the container with the supply of medication, with "1X" dosage ring for a period of 28 days / dosage 1x a day, with "2X" dosage ring for 14 days / dosage 2x a day etc. up to for 3 days / dosage 9 times a day

Large, bright and clear LCD display - with a diameter of 6 cm clearly shows the most important information: number of alarms set, alarm strength and alarm type, current time, time for the next alarm, low battery indicator; large characters and keys are very suitable for the elderly persons

Metal key for safe usage - the enclosed metal key is used to lock both the cover and the battery compartment; thanks to the key, the medication is safely stowed in the pill box and is protected from unauthorized access or accidental spilling / mixing

Small sophisticated sliding latch on the dispense opening - protects the pills from accidentally / erroneously falling out

Robust lockable cover - available in a transparent, matt or solid / white version

AC-Adapter (primary source) and 4 AA batteries (back-up) for power supply - are included in the packaging, empty batteries are shown on the display

Convenient size - the pill box is only 20 cm in diameter; compared to other pill dispensing devices, it is easy to carry and use outside of the house



  • Pill dispenser body with built-in WIFI module and matte lid
  • Large round pill container with 28 compartments
  • 9 dosage rings in English for dosage 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x ... to 9x a day
  • 1 metal key for locking the cover and the battery compartment
  • AC-Charger with USB-C cable and 4 alkaline batteries (type AA)
  • Instructions in the English language
  • English customer service for set-up, maintenance and spare parts




  • Secure data transmission via DoseControl's own data center
  • Daily intake overview of taken or missed doses written in a clear calendar
  • Email notifications of taken and missed doses
  • Email alerts about low medication stocks
  • E-mail notifications about dead batteries
  • English customer service for adjustment, maintenance and spare parts
  • Guaranteed replacement of the device within 48 hours in case of failure
  • 20% discount on additional accessories (spare keys, containers, lids, adapters etc.)
  • Warranty extended to 3 years
  • 2 months included in the price

After 2 months EUR 9.90 / month

No commitment and fixed fees

Can be freely canceled at any time

After 2 months, the pill dispenser can continue to be used freely without premium services


Premium service is offered by:

based in:
Leopoldstrasse 31
80802 Munich



You can also order the following accessories:

  • Transparent / matt / solid lid
  • Rotating pill tray or
  • Additional keys



  • Check if the app supports your dispenser - on the bottom of the dispenser just above the battery compartment cover is a code PN: MC21-WF-MT.
  • If you cannot find the code or it is missing, please contact our customer service at or +49 1522 667 1224
  • Make sure you have a smartphone with Android system for installation
  • Search for "DoseControl WIFI" app in Google Playstore
  • Download the app onto your smartphone and install it
  • Follow the instructions in the app
  • You can also use this link for help
  • Connect the pill dispenser to WiFi with the help of this guide




Read the reviews and experiences of customers who are already using DoseControl automatic pill dispensers.


Order now through our e-shop or ask for our brand in any good pharmacy or a specialised shop of medical devices !!!


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